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Reduce your electrical consumption and save on your energy costs with environmentally friendly electrical solutions by Midwest Electric. We are a full service electrical service provider providing prompt professional electrical service, installation, repair, upgrades, and remodels. Go green and save with lighting retrofits and lighting control systems as well as on our many energy efficient solutions.

Save with Green Power Solutions:

  • Reduce lighting energy costs
  • Reduce cooling costs
  • Reduce maintenance costs

Save by taking advantage of the various rebates available through your local utility provider and the state and federal government programs.

Benefits of Green Power Solutions:

  • Energy Efficiency: Reducing the power needed for building and office operations.
  • Energy Conservation: Ability to use less energy without impacting everday worker productivity.
  • Environmental Impact: Reducing power consumption helps the environment by placing less demand on energy production.
  • Social Responsibility: Identify your organization as one who is focused on minimizing your impact on the environment.