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Don and Elaine BlackFounded in 1953 by Don and Elaine Black, Midwest Electric continues to be dedicated to electrical installations and services that are creative, technically superior, and budget sensitive installed in a safe and professional manner. Designed to exceed customer expectations and allow for expansion, our philosophy serves our customers now and into the future. In 1963 Midwest joined the NECA organization, a national association of electrical contractors whose goals are to improve the professionalism of its members. We remain actively dedicated to the principles which are the foundation of NECA.

James HavellMidwest has a broad range of project experience in our more than 50 year history. It was the founders paradigm that any project undertaken was to be done right technically and installed not just to applicable NEC code standards but with a eye to the future needs balanced with budget awareness. That spirit continues into the management and ownership today under the direction of James Havell. Midwest Electric is a specialty electrical contractor with a technically competent staff. We are more than capable of installing general electrical work and have chosen to focus our skills in Industrial, Commercial, and Residential automation and discrete control systems. A well designed automation system offers ease of operation with robust bullet proof logic and hardware. Midwest Electric excels at these type of applications.