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Midwest Electric offers very competitively priced services in the Design and Installation of Home, Commercial, and Industrial Automation as well as the design and installation of Conventional Power and Control Systems.

Applications Served:

    • Conventional Electrical Installations
    • Generator Installations
    • Industrial Refrigeration
    • Warehousing
    • Commercial Process Automation
    • Residential Automation
    • Advertising Automation
    • Custom Control Systems
    • HVAC
    • Office Environments
    • Material Handling
    • Printing/Imaging/Binding
    • Sheet Metal Fabrication Facilities
    • Cabinet Manufacturing Plants
    • NFPA 70E Analysis and Arc Flash Study


Project Examples:

Advertising Automation ExampleAdvertising Automation ExampleAdvertising Automation Example
Commercial Process Automation and Custom Control Systems ExampleAdvertising Automation ExampleAdvertising Automation Example in progress

Contact Us for an appointment to visit our new automation facility and discover the benefits automation has to offer you, whether in your industrial process or your home.